Drinking Water anywhere at any time

Water is life! Trunz Water Systems has converted the vision of a simple self-sufficient water treatment system into practice. The mobile, independent water treatment and desalination systems are powered using integrated photovoltaics and wind generators. This means that there are virtually no boundaries to use this system anywhere in the world.

Decentralised water supply

Trunz Water Systems develops, manufactures and distributes solar and wind powered systems for water purification and desalination as well as energy supply systems.

The innovative company offers sustainable solutions for the decentralised potable water and electricity supply in remote areas.


Trunz innovative and environmentally friendly technology produces clean drinking water from polluted water and salt water with solar and/or wind energy. Depending on the raw water quality the water treatment systems are equipped with an ultrafiltration membrane or a reverse osmosis system.

A main benefit of the systems is their exceptionally low energy consumption, compactness and environmental friendliness.

Water treatment technology

To achieve a reliable and satisfying result, Trunz Water Systems includes field tested and experienced water treatment technologies. Depending on the raw water quality the water treatment systems are equipped with two different filtration technologies:


  • river water
  • lake water
  • well water


The ultrafiltration membrane removes organic contaminants, viruses, bacteria, cysts, etc. down to a size of 0.04 micron without requiring toxic chemical treatment. Ultrafiltration works through a mechanical procedure. Raw water is filtered under pressure through a high-technology hollow fibre membrane. This process remains the natural minerals in the water.

Reverse Osmosis

  • sea water
  • salted well water
  • brackish water


In addition to removing salt the Reverse Osmosis technology removes all contaminants, viruses, bacteria, cysts etc. down to a size of 0.01 micron withouth requiring toxic chemical treatment. The reverse osmosis filtration technology is based on a multi-layer membrane which filters the water under high water pressure.

Decentralised water supply

Some applications require a larger amount of water. Trunz Water Systems has developed independent and solar powered solutions for the supply of clean drinking water in remote villages. Depending on the raw water source or the contamination in the raw water, a Trunz independent water treatment plant for soft water or solar powered desalination system with an RO-unit for brackish or saltwater will be installed. 

Water Shop Concept

Trunz Water Systems is going one step further and shows with the Water Shop Concept how drinking water supply can sustainably be implemented in poor communities as a business concept.

An attractive solution for drinking water supply- for the inhabitants of remote areas and for the investors.

Presentation for Water Shop Concept




The right Solution for Your needs

Trunz Water Systems provides different types of water treatment and desalination systems, depending on the application and water source.

Solar powered, mobile use

If complete independence from external energy supplies is required:


Trunz Water System - TWS 300

Trunz Water System - TWS 300

Trunz Seawater System - TSS 300
Trunz Brackish System - TBS 300
Trunz Seawater Container - TSC 100
Trunz Brackish Container - TBC 100
Trunz Water Trailer
Aquifier 200
Survivor 300

Solar powered, stationary use

If complete independence from external energy supplies is required:

Trunz Water Unit - TWU 003

Trunz Water Unit - TWU 003

External energy supply, mobile or stationary use

If external energy is guaranteed (either grid power, generator or Trunz Solar Power Center)

Trunz Water Box - TWB 003

Trunz Water Box - TWB 003
Trunz Seawater Box - TSB 003
Trunz Brackish Box - TBB 003

External energy supply, stationary use only

If stationary use with an external energy supply is needed:

Trunz Water Unit - TWU 010

Trunz Water Unit - TWU 001
Trunz Water Unit - TWU 005
Trunz Seawater Unit - TWU 010