Vision & Mission Statement

We are uniquely experienced to impact industrial trends, maintaining strong internal development capabilities. We partner rather than compete with top industry technology suppliers and we offer original development. We steer enabling industry standards and technologies through groups and strategic partnership. In this manner, we aim at spurring our mission to delivering the quality products and professional solutions through innovation and value addition to our clients.


Vision 2030 Kenya

In the next 10 years, East Africa will experience a green revolution. We personally believe in the green revolution of small scale farmers and we invest in them.

ICT & Internet everywhere

In the next 10 years, East Africa will undergo a development of IT and internet as it happened in Europe between 1990 and 2000.

100 Million Market

The fast growing population in Kenya and East Africa will have an enormous demand for quality goods, services and products.

The opening of East Africa as a unified market place creates an enormous consumer market of over 100 million people. The growing middle class earns money and is willing to spend for their own development.

Mission & Strategy

Over many years, the Swisskenko management has been acquainted with and loved Kenya. Two Swiss Swisskenko partners are married to Kenyan partners and they have a life experience of a Kenyan family.

Serve the need

After many years of market research, we have identified three business areas where we want to be active in: Outsourcing of ICT – Services, Water & Environment, Agriculture & Horticulture and Architecture.


In 2010, according to our Motto „ Learning by doing“, we took our time to build the first projects in the Outsourcing and Agriculture areas. With 10 employees in both areas of Outsourcing and Agriculture we achieved great results and we collected many experiences for the next expansion phase.

Reach rural grounds

We deliberately settled for the fast growing Town of Eldoret in the Kenyan highlands. We are of the opinion that the development of the business diversity should not only be situated in the metropolis of Nairobi. Rural – Urban migration of the well trained young generation in Kenya adversely affects the development of the rural areas.

Make it better

We are convinced of sustainable and economical development and fresh business concepts. We convince our customers with quality, punctuality, loyalty, and humanity.

Philosophy & Ethics

We develop business models with a basic principle of fairness, trust, loyalty, ecology and sustainability. With this attitude, we co-exist with our fellow human beings, employees, animals and the Mother Nature.

Think new

The power of change and development in Africa lies in sustainable business models and business development.  Aid programs and the distribution of goods can lead into dependency, which according to our opinion interferes with free development of African culture.

Make it better

We as Europeans or Swiss, when we try to develop Africa, we are careful not to try to re-implement failure threatening concepts from Europe in Africa without making some changes in these concepts.

Longterm partnering

A deep relationship and trust mostly comes after a certain time of working together or living together. That is why we strive to have long term relationships of trust.