Target Market Segments

SANYIKO has a very open architecture and flexibel modules that allow the coverage of a wide target market segment. Where the standard solution can't match, we offer tailor made deveopments for your industry needs.

In the following markets SANYIKO ERP fits at its best:

Government Institutions

- County Government

- Central Government

- Ministries

- Parastetals

Corporate World SME / Enterprise

- Trade Companies

- Service Companies

- Tourism & Hospitality

- HR Companies

- Accounting Firms

- ICT Companies

- Telecommunication

- Banking Industry

- Insurance Industry



Private Customers Group

- Vehicle Tracking

- Personal Tracking

- House Security

Partner Channel for Reseller

- Consulting Firms

- Solution Implementers

- HR Companies

- Security Farms

Action Area - East Africa

With our headquarter located in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, we serve our Customers mainly in Kenya. We like to grow our reach in the next Years by partnering with strong ICT and Consulting Companies to cover East Africa.