All you need out of ONE HAND.

When we talk about automation of Your business, we bring for you many single components together to a complete working solution. This is complex on our side so that you have your peace of mind!

Buiness automation is a synergetic interaction of several components.

As more you take the cheaper it gets!


Fullservice means, that you can get all your ICT services out of one hand.


With SANYIKO ERP, we put one big modular software package in the center of all your operations.


You can select the modules and services you need out of a big service catalog and we give it to you to a given price per service. When you choose more services, the prices overall will go down and the impact in your Company will be higher!



SANYIKO ERP - Business Automation Software


The SANYIKO ERP software has its origin in Switzerland.


Since 2001 we have put more than 120 Man Years of development in this great product. Today, SANYIKO ERP has the biggest range of modules in the market and remains still affordable also for small and medium enterprises.


We agreed with the manufacturer a subsidiced pricing for the East African Market. This makes it possible for you to get the best possible product to an affordable price!



Infrastructure / cloud services

The SANYIKO ERP is designed to run in the cloud.


Maintaining server systems in your Offices is expensive and risky. Today we have great datacentre infrastructure in Kenya that allows you to reduce running costs.


With SANYIKO ERP in the cloud you can access all your business information at any time, simply using your notebook or computer in the office.


We partnered with in Nairobi to offer you cloud services in a very high quality to an affordable price. has proved to be a strong and capable partner.



Applicances - Hardware & Software

Appliances are mainly hardware components but also little software application to enrich the automation of your business.


POS device, Handheld POS, GPS tracking devices, House Security Devices, RFID Devices.


We connect this applicances with SANYIKO ERP to give you all information in ONE system. Business automation means, that we connect hardware and software together to create a closed temper free process for your different business areas.



Connectors - Webservices

Connectors from SANYIKO ERP to other services allows us to enrich the automation of your business.


LipaNaMpesa, airtel money, SMS gateway, PBX services, PDF creation are some examples on connectors and webservices we offer.



We guide you all the Way!

To get a success in the automation of your business, we are on your side all the way!


We are starting the process with CONSULTING & EVALUATION of your needs. This will define you tailor made solution and result in the final pricing.


After signing the contracts we proceed with the PREPARATION OF BASE DATA in the SANYIKO ERP. We proove the setup during a management meeting with your leading team together.


The rollout can now start with an extensive TRAINING of your team. Out of experience we learned that the progress is faster when we train by the job. That means that we move directly to a SERVICE & SUPPORT modus during the rollout.




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