SANYIKO FLEET - Complete Fleet Management

SANYIKO FLEET is an innovative Solution for Complete Fleet Management, GPS Tracking and Fuel Control that will improve the Fleet Efficiency and bring down the costs in your Fleet.


Your Requirements

We have analyzed the needs of small, medium and big institutions in the region. With SANYIKO FLEET, we came up with a COMPLETE FLEET MANAGEMENT Solution which will serve all your needs and requirements.


All Companies in Africa are facing the issues of Fuel Fraud in there Fleet. We found in our research a Market where our Competitors try to offer a solution but so far there was no success. Some Competitor simply calculates the consumption of a single Vehicle based on driven kilometers. Others install petrol sensors by drilling holes in your Vehicle Tanks but will not get appropriate results, while they miss a calculation unit in between to consolidate proper results.

GPS Tracking Benefit

Is a GPS tracking solution really the solution to control your Fleet?

  • You can visualize your Fleet of let me say 300 Vehicles on a Map
  • You can find out anytime the last position of each Vehicle on request
  • When a vehicle is lost, you can follow up the position on the Map
  • The GPS tracking is able to approximate the driven Kilometers of each Vehicle
  • It tells you, when a Vehicle Exide the generally defined Speed limit


Our Thesis

A GPS Tracking System will never reduce the running costs in your Fleet, and the proper Monitoring of the System is time consuming and depends hardly on the Monitoring Team. It has more the character of a basic information system, mainly about the position on a visual manner.

We fill the gap

The here described SANYIKO FLEET Solution is able to fill this gap and gives you back the control over your Fleet. Our approach of ONE Solution for your Fleet makes your life easier.

Vehicle under Control

SANYIKO FLEET knows a lot about each single Vehicle on every single moment in real time.

  • Door opening / closeing
  • Ignition on / off
  • Fuel Control
  • Map Control
  • Over Speeding
  • Driver Control
  • Geo Fencing
  • Usage Control

Tailor made needed?

Many tasks in a Fleet are nearly equal in most of the Organizations and we were able to cover over 95% of all the needs of a Fleet and Transport Department in one standard solution. If you still have a special requirement in your Fleet, you will benefit from the integrated development Framework in SANYIKO FLEET. With our local development team in Kenya, we are able to deliver time a tailor made Solution for your Organization.

Get back Control

Our aim and the Focus of SANYIKO FLEET is tp give You back the control over your Fleet. We offer you a complete solution which enables you to control the complete live cycle of your Fleet. The focus on all the functions in our System is to build transparency by running your Fleet.

Fuel Control Device

Our FUEL CONTROL Solution will cut down your Fleet Fuel costs. We enable you to minimize / eliminate fraud  in your Fleet. Swisskenko presents the brand NEW SANYIKO Fuel Control Device. Exactly matching the African market, the Fuel Control Device is an important part in our complete SANYIKO FLEET Solution. The Device is delivering a lot of qualified real time information from the Vehicles about Fuel Consumption, Fuel Refills and Fuel Loss and makes our Solution unique in the market.

Reduce running costs

The implementation of our Solution will bring down your Fleet costs rapidly and massively. We estimate that you will refinance the complete investment in less than one Year. In the coming Years you will save a lot of money sustainable and effective.

SANYIKO FLEET Analyser & Mapping View

SANYIKO Look & Feel

SANYIKO FLEET comes with an easy to use smart client who allows you access in the intranet or over the internet everywhere on Earth. Depending on your Office location and quality of Internet Connection available, we suggest running the application in our Datacenter or directly in your server environment managed by your IT department assisted by our Swisskenko Support team.