Every Organisation needs an Address Database, Payroll System, Billing System, Project Management, Service Management, Group Mail, Task Solution and Accounting Solution. With SANYIKO CRM/ERP you get all these functions in ONE smart application.

Your flexible Business Application Framework

SANYIKO is the most complete CRM/ERP solutions that you can get in the market as a fully integrated Software Product. It is based on the Microsoft .net Framework Technology and the BW2 BusinessWideWeb Business Application Framework. The System comes with a wide range of useful Business Functionality which was developed in Switzerland since 2001.



SANYIKO Colaboration View


Under Collaboration, we understand all the processes related with Activity Managment in a Team environment. E-Mails, ToDos, Calendar & Appointments, Document Management are included in the SANYIKO Collaboration Modules.

It is very easy to use document templates to produce letters and instructions in a high quality. Even document workflows are possible. The institution defines the process and the employees have to follow them.

SANYIKO CRM & Projects View

CRM & Projects

Customer Relationship Management is a key factor for a successfull and sustainable growth. SANYIKO CRM comes with a wide range of functionality to interact with your customers and employees in a controlled maner.

Project Management, Project Billing, Campaign Management and Service Management are the core functions in our CRM Solution. Additional you get a complete intergrated Helpdesk Module. The complete CRM & Project Module is like all the modules in SANYIKO integrated with all other parts of the solution.

SANYIKO ERP & Logistics View

ERP & Logistic

We make it easy for you to control the complete Sales & Purchasing process in one integrated module. You prepare a quote and simply forward it to orders, deliveries, invoices and even reminders. Recuring billings of contracts are one time added in SANYIKO and you will be reminded in future when the next invoice is to generate.

In the Purchasing module, your Purchasing department gets a complete structured purchasing process from a demand note to orders, receivings and invoice control. SANYIKO ERP comes with complete integrated Warehouse solution which enables you to manage several Warehouses in one simple to use system.

SANYIKO Financial & Accounting View

Financials / Accounting

Accounting with SANYIKO is very easy. Many Companys have on these point normaly a data break where they have to transfer all the transaction from Sales & Purchasing department in a Accounting System.

In SANYIKO you simply forward all your transaction to the financial module and your Accounting is nearly done. If you use another accounting module, we can transfer the data over a connector to the destination system. A wide range of standard reports are included. You are enabled to have anytime the overview about all the ongoing processes in your Organisation.

SANYIKO Administration View


SANYIKO CRM/ERP is easy to administrate. The integrated administration module enables your experts to manage users, user right, special events, basedata, reports and more.

Multi mandate functionality allows you even to manage several companys or departments autonom but in one system based on access roules.


SANYIKO Development View

Development Framework

The integrated Development Framework in SANYIKO called “BusinessWideWeb” makes it possible to add individual modules based on your needs in the shortest time possible as one integrated Customer Solution Module.

The BusinessWideWeb Application Framework makes fast prototyping and development possible. Customer Solutions are held as “Customer Updates”. Your benefit is, that when we add your own modules in SANYIKO, you can still get updates in the next Years with new functionality added in Europe and in Kenya as a simple update. This ensures the safety of your investment over many Years.