SANYIKO Partner Strategy

Our partner strategy is geared towards ensuring that our customers are using SANYIKO business automation software as efficiently and successfully as possible.

As our resources are limited, our partners must have the right experience, know-how, and capacity to make this a reality. We aim to train our customers and our partners to a high level of competency. This guarantees that our customers are supported throughout the first phase of implementation, and at the same time we are strengthening our partnership consultancy capabilities.


As our business expands we need strong systems integrators in East Africa to implement our ERP solutions onsite at our customers sites as well as local partners that have specific expertise in certain focus areas.


At the moment we are looking for experiences system integrators in Nairobi Kenya, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kampala Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan.



Why Partner with us?

We offer a great package to our partners for a sustainable buiness in the next decades!

  • The SANYIKO ERP business automation platform is a unique product in the East African market to an affordable price
  • We believe that in the next 10 Years, every SME, ME and all Governmental Institutions will implement an ERP solution, so we need your help
  • Business automation business is maybe the biggest ICT steak in the next decade, you can take a part of it
  • Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Sage are not offering the flexibility and range of modules as SANYIKO is offering
  • With the origin in Switzerland, SANYIKO is a very secure high quality product that was brought to East Africa to develop the automation sector on a high level
  • Our partner model offers great profits over the time you serve your Customers
  • SANYIKO ERP is today one of the most complete set of business automation modules in the market and comes to an affordable price
  • SANYIKO ERP can run in the cloud or as a local installation on the systems of your Customer. The cloud based solution allows you fast growth
  • The highly flexible solution offers today i wide range of modules for nearly every market
  • If needed, special modules for a specialized market can be added by you or the Swisskenko development team in a short time
  • SANYIKO ERP hast proved to be the way to go, for County Governments and big Coperates

The Partnership Model

You are looking for better profit opportunities and you like to be part of a strong movement.

You are maybe a MS Dynamics, SAP or Sage integration partner. You are looking for a wider range of functionality to a more affordable price.


Don’t hesitate, get in contact with us!



We have 2 types of partners:

  • Local system integrators and specialized partners
  • Industry specific partners


We provide a number of training options for our partners, including onsite, online and even on an individual basis:

  • Onsite, in groups with a maximum of 5 participants
  • Online, in groups with a maximum of 3 participants
  • Individual training on request