PR News: Affordable Water for Kisumu

2015-11-09 11:50 by Andreas Koller

Fetching Water in Kisumu

Swiss Kenko Company Limted made GOOD PROGRESS with the Crowdfunding campaign, but the way is still long!


Eldoret, Kenya, 9nd of November 2015 – The supply of clean drinking water in Kisumu / Kenya is still not reaching the lower and middle income class Families. People are getting sick. Bottled water is far to expensive. With your help, Swiss Kenko Company Limited aims to bring decentralized Water treatment plants directly to the needy People on the ground to an affordable price for everyone.


The Community of Kisumu / Kenya reacts positivly on the project initiated by SwissKenko, that aims to cut the costs down and allows to offer the Customers clean drinking Water to very low prices. Mr. Andreas Koller, the CEO of SwissKenko said, we are so thankfull to all our donners that gave allready 2100 USD for our project. We was able to identify a perfect location for the production plant, very close to our first target Customer Area in Nyalenda B / Kisumu with a population of approx. 33‘000 Kenyans. Our business model allows us after an initial investment a sustainable growth. Mr. Arab Sang explained, allready Phase 1 of the project will give 2 Litres of clean drinking Water to 5000 People every Day. The project will additionaly create a number of small businesses for the local community. Running the Water distribution Kiosks and the local Transport will be given to local Business People.


The Crowdfunding campaign on is still ongoing until 27th of November 2015 under the campain link:
In the last two Weeks we compiled a lot of new information about our Project. We would appreciate when you take your time to share our project with your friends in social media.


SwissKenko is by nature a Technology Company. The decision to build up this exiting Water project was born by the need of the People. Swisskenko uses a strong Swiss Technology to implement the Water Project. The Team is in good hope that this project will change the life of Kenyans sustainable.


Contact Information:
Swiss Kenko Company Limited
Plateau Road, P.O.Box 2921, 30100 Eldoret / Kenya
Phone: +254 723 888 797



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